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BB6100 Line Boring Machine


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Product Description

The BB6100 Line Boring Machine packs big boring capability into a compact, modular machine, maximising efficiency and minimising downtime.

Features and Benefits

 Powerful and Compact

  • Take the power of a stationary machine to the job site to solve tough machining challenges in record time.
  • Using the 11.3 in3 (185.3 cm3) hydraulic motor, it produces 1435 lb.ft (1945.6 Nm) of torque at the bar, at 33 rpm.
  • Compact, modular components allow fast, easy set up, maximising efficiencies, and minimising downtime.

Versatile and Flexible

  • Huge machining range bores from 8.8 – 40.8 inches (223.5 – 1036.3 mm) in diameter, and faces from 7.5 – 42.1 inches (190.5 – 1069.3 mm) with various facing attachments.
  • ID and End Mount Bearings feature spherical taper lock roller bearings for easy setup and removal of the bar, and allow for up to 1.5 degrees of misalignment when setting up bearings.
  • Highly versatile tool holder block accepts industry standard tooling with a nominal ¾ inch (19.1 mm) square shank.
  • Tool post on the boring/facing arm can be rotated to provide maximum flexibility in machining set up (including some cantilevered configurations).

 High Quality Design

  • Features a uniquely designed modular tool carrier which provides a new level of strength and rigidity by channelling machining forces directly to the boring bar through strategically located adjustable guide shoes.
  • Adjustable, removable half nut increases net fit tool carrier flexibility. Easy removal of tool carrier allows for machining of multiple bores.
  • Backlash adjustment nut allows in the field adjustment to eliminate backlash in the tool carrier, and extend the life of the machine.

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