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BB3000 Line Boring Machine


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Product Description

Repairing worn hinge points on loader arms or buckets, can prove difficult when cutting off the worn area and trying to weld on new hinge points whilst keeping everything lined up. A simpler method is to use the CLIMAX Model BB3000 Portable Line Boring Machine. If the holes are not badly damaged, you can simply weld them up, attach the BB3000 Line Boring Machine, and re-bore them to original dimensions. If the hinge points are so damaged that the entire area needs to be replaced, weld on new sections with slightly undersized holes, then quickly re-bore them to original dimensions whilst keeping everything in proper alignment.

Features and Benefits

 Boring Capacity

  • Bore from 1½ – 5 inches (38.1 – 127.0 mm) in diameter, using the bar and tool head.
  • The 1¼ inch (31.75 mm) diameter bar is available in almost any length in 1 foot (304.8 mm) increments.
  • Holes are positioned at 6 or 10 inch (152.4 or 254.0 mm) intervals along the bar to hold 38 inch square tool bits in the SAE inch version, and 10 mm square tool bits in the metric version.
  • The clamp-on tool head covers the 3 14 – 5 inch (76.2 – 127.0 mm) diameter range.


  • 0 Hp (0.74 kW), universal type motor drives a 7.5:1 reduction gear box; produces up to 90 lb.ft (122 Nm) of torque at the bar.
  • Two-speed motor has bar speeds ranging from 52 – 88, and 89 – 185 no load, freespeed rpm; 2 – 2.2 amps.
  • Metal removal rate of up to 1 cubic inch/min (16.4 cm3/min) in C1018 steel.

Compact Design

  • The rotational drive extends only 19 inches (482.6 mm) out from the mounting bracket and 14 inches (355.6 mm) from the bar to the top of the motor. The rotational drive can be mounted with the motor in any position around the bar if clearance is a problem.
  • Rotational drive with feed rack and anti-torque scissors weighs only 35 lbs. (15.9 kg).

Automatic Power Feed

  • Infinitely variable, reversible power feed has a 10 inch (254.0 mm) stroke. An automatic feed stop mechanism disengages the feed at the end of the 10 inch stroke.
  • Feed rate is from 0 – 0.018 inches (0 – 0.46 mm) per revolution.

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