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FF1200 – FF3600 OD Flange Facers


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Product Description

This series of OD Mount Flange Facers set a new standard in safety, versatility, durability and performance, quickly machining all 7 flange types on the market today.

Features and Benefits

Industry Changing Safety

  • Feed control on the outside of the machine – no more reaching in.
  • E-stop for quick stops controlled re-starts.
  • Low pressure drop out prevents unintended re-starts after loss of supplied air pressure.
  • CE Certified.

Flexible and Versatile

  • 1 machine for 7 flange types, no attachments needed:

– Flat face
– Raised face
– Ring type joints (RTJ)
– Tongue & groove
– Lens ring
– Grayloc (hub profile)
– Compact flanges

  • Select from 3 models sized to machine flanges up to 12.5, 24.5 or 36.5 inches (317.5, 622.3 or 927.1 mm) in diameter
  • Automatic & variable feed come standard on both radial and axial feeds for up to 30% time savings.
  • No reaching in means higher RPM
  • Adjust feed rate while machining – no need to stop, change direction, or replace parts.
  • Start and stop feed while machining to machine to a shoulder.
  • Easy machining of various types of
  • A better surface
  • Tool head and tool bit rotate independently, to any angle
  • Tool head presets at 0°, 23°, and -23°.

High Quality, Robust Design

  • No broken shear pin in an event of a crash. Just reset, and keep working.
  • Robust chucking mechanism and unique bearing design provide superior rigidity and machining performance.
  • Smooth running rotational drive produces a high quality finish.

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Part of the HTL Group

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