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Flange Alignment Pin


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Product Description

Flange Alignment Pins compensate for the misalignment of bolt holes. The Flange Alignment Pins available from HTL are designed with a tapered end, allowing access to offset bolt holes and when simply turned 180°, the Pin aligns the two bolt holes together.

Eliminating the requirement for a hammer, Flange Alignment Pins increase onsite safety and speed up bolting processes.

With a safety tether attachment feature included, you can add the Flange Alignment Safety Kit to ensure that the tool can be tethered, preventing dropped objects.

Bolt Hole Diameter



InchesInchesOz / LbsKg
3/43 1/47 Ozs0.2
7/83 1/210 Ozs0.3
1414 Ozs0.4
1 1/851 5/16 Lbs0.6
1 1/45 1/21 7/8 Lbs0.9
1 3/86 1/42 7/16 Lbs1.1
1 1/26 1/23 1/4 Lbs1.5
1 5/87 1/44 1/8 Lbs1.9
1 3/47 7/85 1/8 Lbs2.3
1 7/88 3/86 1/4 Lbs2.8
297 3/4 Lbs3.5

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