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3-in-1 Torque Wrench Accessory Range


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Product Description

To complement our wide range of torque wrenches, we offer a selection of torque wrench accessories including:  Reaction Arms, Reaction Pads, Hexagon Reducers, Impact Sockets, Square Drive Adaptors, Hex Adaptors, Universal Joints, Extension Bars as well as many other items including a range of straight and cranked spanners.

Impact sockets from HTL are crafted from top quality material and are constructed and forged from one piece for the most rigorous use at all levels of industry. In order to fulfil customer requirements, we stock the largest range of impact sockets and flogging spanners in the UK ranging up to 303mm, 12″ AF. The products are made to stringent tolerances and boast extreme durability, with a lifetime guarantee on every product without moving parts. This not only meets but surpasses all relevant international quality standards. Each product is designed to exert precise control and is easy to use.


  • Long-length, bi-hexagonal and special sockets are available upon request

Extended Reaction Arm

  • Helps find a reaction point solution regardless of the application
  • Increases tool fit in restricted access areas
  • Quick release pin locking
  • Steel/light alloy construction
  • Available for full range of tool sizes

Reaction Pad

  • Helps find a reaction point solution regardless of the application
  • Allows for offset reaction when in-lune reaction is not available
  • Wrench In-Line Reaction Pad for HTL-W Wrench
  • Replaces standard reaction arm – quick release pin locking
  • Steel alloy construction
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Available for full range of tool sizes

Hexagon Reducers

  • To reduce the female hexagon AF size of the HTL-L ratchet hex links
  • HTL Hexagon reducers offer an easy and economical solution.

In/Out Socket

  • Can be used to reduce Low Profile Attachment nose radius.
  • Required to tighten counter bored bolts with a Low Profile Attachment.

Square Drive Adaptor

  • Turns the Low Profile Torque Wrench into a Square Drive Torque Wrench
  • Can be used with standard impact sockets

Hex Adaptor

  • Offers a solution to socket head bolts

Extension Bars

  • Available in several lengths and square drive configurations
  • Designed to help access those hard to get places
  • Square Drive sizes ½” ¾” 1” and 1 1/ 2

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Part of the HTL Group

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